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HD EL tester(after Laminator)  
·Detailed description  

Function and Introduction
Online EL tester, the transmission height 960mm(can  design according to client demand),short come and short go, single camera 1600w/2400w/3200w, light down.
1.After transmission in the last process, send signal.
2.EL tester receive the signal, the secret door open, transmission into the working area, secret door closed.
3.  Positing the last action, frequency conversion motor slow down, the component arriving at positing column, the motor stop running.
4.Probe actions(make the top of the probe on the bussing ribbon).
5.The camera automatically takes pictures, the test results are automatically stored in the computer, the probe  reset.
6.The secret door open, the motor running component transmission, the component left this area, support component reset.
7.When the main part running, the operator to observe the detected component are in line with requirement.

Main Parameter
Module format:(1580-2000)mm*(800-1000)mm
Cycle time:<33s
Max capacity:>2618/day,
Operator online:1
Rated power(kw):1.02kw,
Pressure(MPa):0.7MPa+0.1  ,

1.The machine covered by steel structure, Appearance with stoving varnish ,looks clean and tidy
2.Automatic operation, without need for personnel intervention, high degree of automation, good safety.
3.Singlecamera1600W/2400W/3200W takes pictures which are clear and easy for people to distinguish
4.Bar code scanning input, automatically named with the bar code and save, automatic watermark image.
5.Defect type definition, defect classification automatic generate date folder, auto save, query function.
6.The machine has host for pictures to save and take by people.
7.Image save format, save path modification.
8.Image display pixels, the software can be adjusted to satisfied the needs of different clients.
9.Extensible MES connection, data and pictures can be loading to server directly.

Update time:2017-1-2
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