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Function and Introduction
There are two kinds of buffers, one is long side buffer, the other is short side buffer. The modules will be temporarily store in this machine first until later modules finish process, which can promote efficiency.
1. Modules short in and short out, long in and long out, short in and long out, long in and short out.
2.Height of transmission is 960±50mm.( customize according to client requirement)
3. Method of transmission: roller wheel
4.Storage layer: ≤8layers(before laminator) ≤15layers(after laminator)
5. It takes layer by layer method for storage.
6. Thematerial of storage part surface is thermoplastic pipes, which is suitable for any glass.
Main parameter
Modules format:(1580-2000)mm×(800-1000)mm
Operator online:none
Rated power(kw):2.5kw
Air consumption(L/min):none
Connection format:none
Environmental requirement:Temperature 5-50℃.
                    humidity:<75% without dew formation.
1. The machine uses pinion and rack transmission mechanism driven by servo motor, and guided by linear rail, with advantages such as precise positioning and stable running.
2. The main body of the machine is equipped with safety fence to ensure the safety of operation.
3. there is detection photoelectric protection for feedstock and discharge in case of broken pieces caused by interfere between modules raise and guard bar.
4. The machine is full-automatic requiring no human interference.
5.The bracket of module storage uses roller wheels, and the section contacted with module wrapped by thermoplastic pipeswhich is suitable for coated glass.

Update time:2016-1-6
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